When things go wrong

Even though we'd love things to always go according to plan, sometimes it doesn't.

Getting into the right rhythm can take some times getting used to, especially when working with a remote team. It requires more attention to detail, providing information through text and visuals, and giving ongoing feedback. 

The first thing we recommend doing if you're not happy with how things work is to review your requests. Are they clear and easy to understand? 

In many instances, breaking down a request in bullets and clearly outlining what your end goal with the task goes a long way. Adding print screens and links are also incredibly helpful to understand exactly what you're after. 

If this does not solve the issue

We're all humans that want to do a good job and provide great services. Talk to your HubEx team and let them know ASAP if you're not happy or if they missed important details. We're here to help you, and want to provide the best service possible. We'll do everything we can to make things right. 

If you tried this, and still run into issues. Please email support@hubex.no. This will go straight to the customer success team, and we'll typically schedule a call or video meeting to discuss and resolve the issue. 

We love your feedback. It's how we improve our services and keep on the services best-of-breed. If you're not sure if you should escalate something, just do it. We want to hear from you and resolve the issues as soon as possible.