What's the difference between the onboarding and the subscription?

If you're looking for help getting started combined with strategic guidance, the onboarding is for you. If you're looking for hands-on help setting things up in HubSpot, the subscription is for you.

"I'm planning on purchasing HubSpot/has just purchased HubSpot and need help getting started"

If you're looking to get started with HubSpot, want someone to discuss how to best set things up in HubSpot, learn about best practices, and/or get strategic guidance, the onboarding is for you. 

Note that the onboarding does not include us doing work in your HubSpot portal outside the baseline setup and what gets done during the workshops. 

If you're looking at strategic help, as well as more hands-on help than the onboarding offers, a combination of the onboarding and subscription would be your best bet.

Feel free to connect with us using the chat or book a call if you want help finding the right combination for you.

"I'm already using HubSpot and need help getting things done in the system"

If this is you, the subscription service is for you. We've designed it to be the perfect HubSpot sidekick for the busy inbound marketing professional. Send us as much HubSpot-related work as you'd like, and we make sure it gets done (as long as it's within our official scope of services). 

Not sure if it will work for you? No worries, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for you to try the service with zero risk for you.

"I want to outsource all my marketing / I'm looking for help planning my marketing campaigns and strategies"

In this instance, we're probably not the right partner at this point in time. While we're happy to help you with the system, we are not a full-service agency. But we're happy to help you even if you already have an agency.