What to expect from the HubSpot Sales Hub Onboarding?

The onboarding is a do-it-together onboarding focusing on getting you comfortable using the system as fast as possible.

Who's a fit for our HubSpot Onboarding?

Typically, companies chose our HubSpot Onboarding for four reasons:

  • Experience: They want access to some of the most experienced HubSpot Specialists in the industry (we have years of experience working not only with but also at HubSpot). 
  • Speed: They want to be up and running in weeks, not months. All while spending as little time as possible in workshops and meetings.
  • Cost/benefit: They don't want to pay the high fees typically associated with more traditional onboardings from marketing agencies. 
  • Control: They don't like the idea of outsourcing their entire growth strategy and revenue-generating work to an agency. Instead, they prefer to control the business-critical parts and rather get help with the non-strategic/technical work.

Who from your company should attend?

While workshops with many people tend to be very lively, pleasant, and fun, they are not always efficient. As such, we recommend only having the designated HubSpot power user(s) attending the workshops if you want us to have time for portal configurations and strategic discussions. 

In between the workshops, you can discuss internally and delegate the homework and tasks. Also, we're happy to use the last workshop (or follow-up call) as a training session for the entire team.

What's the onboarding structure?

During the sales conversation, we've been learning about you and your business and already know how to structure the onboarding to fit your needs. This information will be carried over to your onboarding specialist. 

In most instances, all onboarding workshops will be carried out by the same person, but we also have cases where we'd loop in different people. This is purely a matter of skill sets as we want to make sure the most experienced person on any given topic is the one hosting the workshop. 

There are three phases in the onboarding: 

  1. Kick-off and baseline portal setup (Typically one week)
  2. Onboarding workshops (Typically two-four weeks)
  3. Hand-over and next steps

Kick-off and baseline portal setup

We'll assign you with an onboarding specialist within 1-2 working days of signing up. This person will work with you throughout the onboarding and act as your main point of contact.

Kick-off call

Your first onboarding session is a kick-off call where you'll meet your onboarding specialist.

Together, you'll set goals for the implementation, decide where to focus, and schedule your first onboarding workshop. 

Also, we'll recap the agreement, establish how to best work together, and agree on contact points. All to make sure the onboarding runs as smoothly as possible. 

Baseline portal setup

After the kick-off, you can lean back and relax for a few days while we start with the baseline setup of your HubSpot portal.

Some of the things we typically do:

  • Essential account and CRM setup
  • Contact import (.csv, .xls, .xlsx)
  • Deal pipeline setup

We must have Super Admin Access to the portal by this time, as we'll be doing quite some setup work in the portal. 

In addition, we'd need the files you want imported to HubSpot (in .csv, .xls, .xlsx format). If you're not sure how the data should be structured for the export, we're happy to jump on a call to guide you through it.

Onboarding workshops

In most cases, we start in a structured manner where we use presentation slides and screen sharing in your portal. 

We'd also quickly go through what we've done in the baseline setup and provide you with links, so you know where to change those settings down the line. 

In most cases, we would go narrow on a few key topics in the following sessions, and it will gradually be fewer presentation slides and more action-focused in the portal itself. 

Each workshop is typically 60-90 minutes long. They are done in a remote setting over Google Meet. 

Below is a rough outline of three standard Sales Hub Workshops: 

Managing your sales process in HubSpot

  • Baseline setup summary
  • Your sales process in HubSpot
  • Core setup of HubSpot sales
  • Homework & next steps

Sales Process Automation

  • Homework review
  • Lead management and rotation
  • Sales process automation
  • Homework & next steps

Managing a sales team in HubSpot

  • Homework review
  • Lead and deal tracking
  • Quotes & product library
  • Goals & forecasting
  • Homework & next steps

Hand-over and next steps

After the onboarding workshops are completed, we offer a complimentary follow-up session (the agenda can be anything and everything you'd like but generally focuses on a specific topic). Also, you get one free HubSpot task to send our way.

After this, you are free to venture out on your own, start working with a marketing agency, or use our HubSpot Unlimited services to get the most out of your HubSpot investment.

Learn more about our subscription-based services here.