What is a task?

A task is a specific and fragmented request made through the HubEx portal that we can complete within a reasonable time frame. E.g., "I need a new website" would need to be more specific and broken down into smaller parts based on a sitemap.

For a complete overview of our official scope of services, please view the following article

In general, we need some information to work with if we're to do things in an efficient manner without too much back-and-forth communication. 

In addition, it will take a bit more time in the beginning while we're getting to know you and your preferences. 

What a task is not: 

Task headline: Create a new website
Task description: I like this design: link

For this task, we'd at least need a sitemap with a list of pages you want to be done. In addition, the fewer design details we're getting the longer it will take to complete the site.

Task headline: Update all pages on my website for page speed
Task description: I need all pages to load faster than they are today

Ideally, create one task per page. This would allow us to focus on the most important pages first, and avoid one task occupying a task slot for a long time. In addition, it would give you a better track record of what pages have been completed.

Task headline: Set up HubSpot marketing hub
Task description: Please set up HubSpot marketing hub for me

There are a lot of aspects to setting up a HubSpot Hub. We're happy to help you set up workflows, landing pages, reports, dashboards, and so on, but we'd need to know where to start. If you need input in terms of the setup, the Guided Onboarding would most likely be a good place to start.

What a task is:

Here are a few examples of what a task might be. But in general, it can be anything from building a whole website page or setting up a campaign, to setting up a marketing email or fix something that you can't get to work on a HubSpot page.

Task headline: New front page based on the following draft
Task description: Page outline as in the scetch. Use the same copy + meta as on the current site. Images attached. I'm not completely sure how I want the structure but start with a draft page (ideally two options) and we'll work on it from there.

Task headline: New pricing page with pricing table
Task description: I like the following design: link, link. Add a similar three-tier pricing table, CTA link to more information page for each (see other task). Add embed calendar below pricing table. Add chatbot with three options, Chat with us, Book meeting, Search FAQ.

Task headline: Create new blog listing page
Task description: Please use the following pages as inspiration: link, link. Page should have topic filter at the top (same as we have now).

Task headline: The text does not do what I want, argh!
Task description: The text (see print screen) on the pricing page keeps acting strange and don't want to align properly. Can you see if you can fix it, it's driving me crazy...