The Hubex platform

Helping you get more work done in HubSpot

The HubEx platform is your go-to place for all HubEx services. 

You can access the platform 24/7 using the information you provided when signing up. 

You can use the platform to: 

  • Submit requests through the new task form
  • Check the status on your current tasks
  • Collaborate with your designated HubEx team
  • Get an overview of past requests
  • Update account information
  • Invite users to your account

Get a quick overview of what's being actively worked on in real-time

The current open tasks will be showing up under Open tasks. The number of open tasks available will differ based on your subscription.

You can also keep track of the tasks queue, as well as viewing all tasks that have already been completed. 

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Review tasks, submit feedback, and communicate with your Hubex team.

You can communicate with your designated team straight from the portal, or by email.

Delegate tasks to your designated team using the New task form

hubex 2

Simple management of your account through the Account tab. Upgrade, downgrade, and invite your colleagues straight from the portal.

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