Official scope of service

What's our scope of service, and what kind of requests can you send our way?

Scope of work

Sales, marketing, and service are a major part of any business, and as a service provider, it's virtually impossible to cover all aspects. To avoid turning into a generalist that doesn't really become at anything, we have chosen to focus relentlessly on becoming the very best at delivering high-quality work in HubSpot.

To help you understand how we can fit into your workflow, what we can help with, and what limitations we've set in terms of the things we do, we've created the document you're now reading. If you can't find the specific activity you're looking for, feel free to reach out using the chat and we'll be happy to see whether your need would fit into our subscription services.

The first two questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Can the task be completed in full in HubSpot?
  • Can I reasonably explain or show what I want?

If the answer is yes we're on the right track!


If you think you're likely to need phone calls, meetings, advice, and guidance on what campaigns you should create next or need a lot of help with complex integrations and 3rd party tools, HubEx might not be the best fit as a standalone solution for your company at this point in time.

If you're unsure, you can always connect with us using chat, email, or request a call-back.

Here's a list of the HubSpot tasks we can help you with:

  • Campaign setup

  • Landing pages

  • Website pages

  • Edit/create themes, templates, and modules

  • Dynamic pages using HubDB

  • Blog directory/blog pages

  • Schedule & publish blog/SoMe posts

  • Conversational bots

  • Forms

  • Lists & segmentation

  • Data import (.csv, .xls, xlsx)

  • Data validation & de-duping

  • Data cleanup

  • Data enrichment

  • Email templates

  • Marketing automation

  • Sales automation & sequences

  • Service automation

  • Multi-language configuration

  • Smart content

  • Reporting & dashboards

  • Lead scoring

  • A/B test setup

  • Custom properties

  • Calculated properties

  • Pipelines (deal and/or ticket)

  • Quotes

  • Calendar & meeting links

  • Portal/records customization

  • Knowledge base

  • Survey creation

  • Additional concurrent tasks

  • Beta access to blueprints & campaign ideas

  • Beta access to the template library

  • Additional concurrent tasks

  • Website migration
  • Custom objects
  • Strategic guidance on how to best set up your campaigns in HubSpot

  • White glove services (we help you create and submit tasks)

  • Access to book time in the calendar with your strategist to discuss your tasks

  • Suggestions of additional HubSpot actions that could help your business

  • Potential site and campaign setup improvements (HubSpot focused, not what marketing campaigns you should create next)

Here's a list of tasks we DO NOT support

  • Any task that IS NOT in HubSpot

  • Text or graphic design production

  • Ongoing split-testing or ads-management
  • Non-standard integrations & API

  • Large-scale custom website design projects

  • Strategic guidance on campaigns, growth strategies, and conversion rate optimization

  • Any kind of legal advice (such as GDPR)

NOTE: If you're looking to get started with HubSpot and need help with the onboarding, please visit our HubSpot onboarding service page for more information (HubSpot onboarding is NOT included in the subscription services unless specified in the order form).


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