How to manage your queue

Have a more time-sensitive task you need to be done or simply a change in current priorities?

What is the task queue?

First off, let's just outline what a task queue is. Your task queue is where you can see all your tasks. It's based on a simple structure where we work on the "top" task first. Tasks at the "bottom" will be worked last. 

In your task queue, you can see the tasks we currently work on at the top. The queued tasks will show up below your active tasks. You can also browse your previously completed tasks here. 

What if I need to modify my queue?

To modify your queue you can use the chat-bot. Simply click on the task you want to move to the top, delete, or modify, and submit a request through the chat. We'll then do the changes requested for you. 

Note that you can only change the order of your queued tasks, not currently active tasks. 

I submitted a task, why is it not yet "in progress"?

If you submit a task in the afternoon we might not yet have assigned the task to the appropriate person. In such instances, the task will be assigned the following day. 

How do I know when my task is done?

Upon completion, you'll receive an email that the task is waiting to be reviewed by you. You can also get this information by logging into your portal.