How to submit a task with minimal revisions

Knowing how to best submit tasks is not always easy. Below is a quick guide to get you started.

Getting familiar with submitting tasks without meetings and scoping calls can sometimes feel a bit strange, especially if you'd been working with companies that do it this way for years. 

In this post, we share some ways that you can make life easier for you and your HubEx team, and at the same time give you the faster and with fewer revisions. 

Know what it is you want to get done

Being able to describe what you want to get done clearly, and providing clear and concise feedback will go a long way. Try to outline your task in bullets, what you want to get done with the specific task, and if there are some key things we should keep in mind. 

This will also help us come up with ideas and additions that can add additional value. 

Use images, links, print screens, and screen recordings

In many cases, a print screen, a link to a campaign that you like, or a screen recording where you show us and describe what you envision will both save you and us a lot of time. It will also make the creation of your asset faster and with fewer revisions. 

It can be as simple as another company's landing page that you like, an email someone sent to you, or one of your current pages you want to be moved over to HubSpot. Attach this print screen, describe your end goals, and we'll provide you with a page of similar structure, but true to your brand guide and current website design. 

For screen recordings, we recommend Vidyard or Loom, but there are plenty of options.