How long will it take to complete my task?

As a general guideline, we aim at completing most tasks within 1-3 working days, but more custom and complex work might take longer.

All new tasks will be reviewed and given a time estimate within 24 hours.  

The main factors that affect turnaround time are: 

  • Which subscription you are on
  • The complexity of the request made
  • The number of tasks you have in your queue
  • How fast we're getting input, feedback, and task approvals

We're constantly working on optimizing our delivery process and template libraries, so things will only get faster. In 2021, our benchmark is three days on average from starting to work on a task until it's approved. In 2022, we're aiming at getting that time down to two days. 

Not sure if we're up for the task? Our 14-day money-back guarantee allows you to test our service with no risk to make sure we're a fit for your specific needs.