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Do I need a CRM migration or is an import enough?

A CRM import is a great fit if you:
- Can export the data from your current CRM into a spreadsheet.
- Don't need activity based records (meetings, calls, notes)
- Have a clear structure with correct associations and ID (Contacts ID: unique email address; company ID: company domain name)

A typical case would be if your database is in a marketing automation tool and that you don't have an established sales organization that actively uses a CRM.

A CRM migration is typically the way to go if:
- You need timeline-based records (meetings, calls, notes)
- Your data is currently in a CRM that has been used on an ongoing basis by sales
- You are unable to export the data in the correct format

In general, if your data is from a CRM system and you're looking to get over as much information as you can or need more flexibility, migration is the way to go.

The downside is that it can be more expensive, time-consuming and that you, in some cases, need to build a custom integration to get it done.

If you're curious what a migration might cost you can check our example here.